Why Christianity

Here at Poplar Branch we desire to have a “relationship” with God not a “religion” for God. We serve a living God who loved us enough to leave His throne in heaven and come to earth to be with us. He walked the earth teaching us and showing us amazing things as well as telling us of days to come and that we too could one day be in heaven. By Jesus paying the ultimate sacrifice of dying on a cross for our sins we now have the ability to trust in a Savior who on the third day rose from the grave and is alive in heaven today.

We understand man’s need for a Savior because sin has separated all men from God. By placing our trust in Jesus we have an advocate that will stand before the Father on our behalf. Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the way. No man may come to the Father except through him. Without Jesus we are doomed to spend an eternity separated from God in a very dark and nasty place called hell. God’s desire is for everyone to spend an eternity in heaven but the reality of life is that some people will choose to reject God and his son Jesus Christ.

God’s love extends to every person on earth and our desire is that you see that love here at Poplar Branch. We are not a perfect church and we understand that people make mistakes. We choose to walk with you and help you through those times showing you the love of Christ during that journey.